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So are there any dubs you prefer over subs or vice versa? I prefer all non finial fantasy games in English because if the story is well written you can shrug off a bad VA or two and usually the VA sound exactly the same. FF games on the other hand most be in Japanese because they get the worst VA for the most annoying characters so you just want to kill them after 5 mins with them. Every time we have one of these subs always win in the end. You say "of course" the Cowboy Bebop dub is good, I think "of course" it's shit when compared to the original voices.
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ERASED English Dub Trailer - Forums -

Most of it being that sub watchers can be kind of elitist against dub watchers and it is annoying. For those outside of the anime community, dub and sub, despite sounding like BDSM terms, refer to watching anime or at this point, any media that is not spoken in your native tongue with subtitles in English versus watching it dubbed over with English voice actors. A lot of my animes, even if I have watched them subbed since, I hear them in the voices of their English dub actors. There are a lot of talented voice actors in the industry who have worked to bring character to life, so I want to make it clear that my preference for sub has nothing to do with a lack of quality on that end. My issue with dubs is that historically and presently to a degree, they have erased queer aspects from certain animes and will either Americanize whole parts of the show or change core messages for the sake of more Western-leaning ideas.
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The Great Anime Debate: Dub or Sub?

Subs versus dubs, it's one of the oldest and most heated debates in anime fan communities—some arguing that the original Japanese voice acting with subtitles is the superior way to watch anime, while others say that the dubs are just as good, if not better. As time has gone on, both sides have gained an even amount of support from fans, but more interestingly, the debate has evolved. In most cases, the argument of "subs or dubs" has shifted from being about all anime, to being about specific anime. The debate is no longer about how one watches all anime, but about how one watches a specific series or film.
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The debate over subbing vs. For some anime fans, the only way to watch a Japanese anime is to watch it in the original Japanese, with subtitles for those who do not speak Japanese fluently. Others would rather watch their anime dubbed into English, with an all-new English voice cast and crew delivering all the lines. People who hold the former view generally contend that watching a show in Japanese, even if it is subtitled, is a more authentic experience, that allows for more Japanese cultural resonances to reach the audience than watching the same show in English would be.
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