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Eren wakes early in his cell this morning to find Levi staring him down, leaning his slim body casually against the brick wall on the other side of the steel bars. In his pyjamas, the subordinate sits up in bed with a yawn, wondering how long his superior had been there. Eren attempts to stretch his limbs, but in the heaviness of the elongated gestures he is suddenly reminded that his wrists and ankles are chackled by weighty chains long enough to drag along the floor, iron bindings that are fastened to the wall behind the bed. Groggy from waking, Eren blinks at the captain. In a sluggish reach of his heavily weighted hand, Eren rubs the sleep from his eyes to better examine the imposing stare of the demanding commander before him. Levi appears as casual and cool as ever in his full uniform, tan fitted leather jacket, chocolate knee high boots and all the belts and garters necessary for the vertical maneuvering harness.
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Fanfiction-writers - Eren x Levi : “The Punishment”

The shorter man dropped his feet from the top of his desk, standing. Eren started nervously. What did I do wrong? Why does this man intimidate me so much? He asked himself, trying to get his heart rate down.
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To burn with desire and keep quiet about it is the greatest punishment we can bring on ourselves. Because, if you can love someone, and keep loving them, without being loved back. He dressed for the day, repeating the monotonous pattern of the buttoning of a shirt, the buckling of a belt.
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Originally posted by escarletes. He was embarrassed to be called out for misconduct in the hallways, suddenly reminded how much younger he was than everyone else there. He turned in shock when the door flew open and no other than Levi Ackerman, the man who was to watch over Jaeger at all costs, crossed the threshold with a wrathful glare.
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