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This article, Diamond Tiara , is property of Billy cougar. After two weeks living as a loner on the streets of France City , working at a stand, she was founded by Emilio Barzini , who took her and raised her as his daughter. Tiara was born in North Outworld , in a rich villa, that made her very cool for Shao Kahn and she used to help his army with catapults and stuff. Diamond immigrated down to Earth in like most other ponies, as Emperor Shao decided that Earth needs some immigrants because Outworld is overpopulated. Diamond joined the Barzini Family in , becoming a member there as Emilio Barzini 's daughter, sister to Norman, Victor and Emilio 3rd. Tiara, like other ponies, had similarities to her crime family.
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Diamond Tiara

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Grown Up Diamond Tiara by asdflove on deviantART | My little pony games, Mlp pony, Diamond tiara

She is called Diamond Dazzle Tiara in some merchandise. Most of Diamond Tiara's appearances involve her making fun of others and acting superior and snobbish. However, when she accidentally exposes her "blank flank", Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon immediately make fun of her. Apple Bloom is soon joined by two other blank flanks named Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle. The teasing ends as Twilight Sparkle and Applejack explain that being a blank flank means that one has not yet discovered one's true potential. Diamond Tiara later stands alongside Silver Spoon in the stairway, watching the other ponies play games and upset at no longer being the center of attention. She asks Cheerilee if it is possible for a pony to have two cutie marks, and she appears jealous of Apple Bloom's loopty-hooping talents.
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Diamond Tiara voiced by Chantal Strand as a filly and Janeane Garofalo as a grown up was a snobby, conceited school-age Earth pony and a minor antagonist who first appears in Call of the Cutie. She bullies them, along with her friend, Silver Spoon, and calls and picks on other ponies without cutie marks, "Blank Flanks". She is also the daughter of Filthy Rich , a successfull businessman who is friends with Granny Smith and the owner of his own company, Rich's Barnyard Bargains. Due to her cruel behavior, she is usally punished by him, for example in the ending of the "MLP: FIM" episode "Family Appreciation Day", being forced to wear a pair of bunny ears and hop around watering cans while singing the Alphabet song. The name is a pun on the Spanish quinceanera, a girl's "sweet 16" or coming-of-age party.
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It was a great experience. They are in fact not dating and since then she has not been seen with anyone at the moment, she is probably too busy with her kids and her work to be of dating men at this point. The Vampire Sexuality- Carmilla.
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